Once your installation is complete our maintenance services will keep your design looking fresh. Our maintenance service is a turnkey operation based upon the highest horticultural standards. Whatever your garden’s custom needs are, we can provide.

Quality Maintenance Schedule

Artistic Tree Pruning: A fine art that enhances the beauty and health of your trees. We provide pruning services for all your trees, large and small.

Insect & Disease Control: Our crews and maintenance managers are proactive about insect and disease control. We use the most efficient products and practices, including organic principles to keep your garden healthy.

Monthly Irrigation & Lighting Review: We check and adjust your entire irrigation and lighting system each month, regardless of property size.

Complete Fertilization Schedules: We customize fertilization programs for each home. All products are included in our monthly fees.

Color Rotation & Rejuvenation: Roger’s Gardens is famous for spectacular seasonal color plantings. Each season we rejuvenate your garden based on your palette and the latest seasonal color introductions.

Monthly Reviews by Experienced Horticulturists: Our maintenance managers have decades of experience taking care of premier gardens. They review your garden each month with an eye for perfection.

All Projects Maintained in Accordance with our Outstanding Horticultural Standards: Roger’s Gardens has been maintaining gardens for over 35 years. We adhere to the best practices that have been proven to keep our gardens in top form, season after season.